Trimite Technologies Ltd has, for many years, focused on key markets to which it supplies a comprehensive range of industry-leading products.

We develop, manufacture and supply specialist surface treatment chemicals together with powder coatings for many industrial markets, but in particular:

• Defence Coatings and Pretreatments
• Chassis
• Automotive Components
• Wheel manufacture & Refurbishment
• Rail
• Construction Equipment
• Engine 
• Plastic moulders & Painters
• Enclosures (powder)
• Anodising processes
• Aerospace components
• Castings, Street furniture
• Sheet metal manufacture & Sprayers
• Engineered components (Pumps, valves, etc)
• Production & Machine Tool
• Shelving / office
• Medical Equipment
• GRP Doors
• Electroplating
• General Industrial subcontractors

We have, over many years, developed considerable experience and specialist knowledge in these markets and we work closely with our customers to ensure we provide them with the most technologically advanced surface treatments and coatings available.